Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Drawing

AUGUST 26, 2008

So during the first class of Design Visualization, we were asked to draw a shoe. I was not thrilled. Drawing has never been a strong skill of mine, and I find it especially difficult to draw anything in 10 minutes, and draw it well. However, I was pretty satisfied with this drawing. I mean, it looks like a Rainbow sandal doesn't it? Hopefully my drawings will only get better.

My Inspiration.

As is probably evident, I have not yet had the chance to apply my inspiration to my own blog. However, I will say that Tommy Kane is my favorite. I love the work that he posts on his blog. It seems to be spontaneous things that he just decides to create out of nowhere. I love the model spoofs. I think they're hilarious. They really stand out to me because they challenge society. The colors and the detail are so complex, and the pieces themselves are very abstract. I will continue to look for other blogs, but for now, I find this one to be most interesting.

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