Monday, December 8, 2008

December 2nd Critique- Pathways/Edges/Boundaries

Our final critique turned out very well. We laid our pieces at 8 am before the critique, and found a pattern that we were quite fond of. When the walk through happened, we got alot of feedback regarding how we should install them. Most people seemed to like the idea of keeping them above ground. Some suggested laying grass in between the borders, others agreed with our idea to lay pebbles. The audience seemed to love our designs for this parking lot. I am extremely excited to install and make this project work in the parking lot.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

House Shadow in Perspective Exercise

This exercise was intended to help us practice how to draw shadows in perspective.

North Arrow and Scale Exercise

This exercise was meant to expose us to the many different types of north arrows. It was also intended to give us practice on drawing lines to scale.

Basis pictures for my perspective drawings

These are the four pictures that I based my perspective drawings off of. I had to take a picture of them because the computer with a big scanner was rendering. After the semester I will cut these pictures to their original size and individually scan them so that it's clearer.