Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Explorations of Influence

Chateau de L'aile- Vevey, Switzerland
This chateau was a part of the Robert-Couvreau family many many years ago. It has now been renovated to provide living space for residents.
Venice, Italy
Venice is a place where I dream to go. With the history that I know now, it would be ignorant not to visit there.
The Louvre, Paris
The juxtaposition of this Industrial Sculpture next to a series of classical buildings leaves much room for interpretation and inspiration.
Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers
Revival through trends. I own a pair... and they are my way of keeping it classy.
New York City, New York
One of the most historic cities in America in terms of development and industry. It is also a place I like to call home (or close enough).
Church of Hagia Sophia- Istanbul, Turkey
Inspiration by use of light. This church is unique as it was built while Gothic Cathedrals were going up in countries like Italy and France. It looks nothing like Amiens, or the Duomo.
Carcassonne, France
A French Exchange Program. We visited this site (La Cite) and learned about how it used to house the entire city of Carcassonne, which has now expanded a great amount.
Family Crest
This ring has been a tradition in my family for centuries. A Family is received through marriage or birth. It is given on a child's sixteenth birthday, or on the day of marriage.
Grand Central Terminal, New York City, New York
I see the inside of this building at least 25 times every summer, commuting back and forth to Long Island to visit friends. It makes more and more architectural sense every time I see it. Its beauty never leaves.
The Nautilus Shell
My admissions project for this program. The abilities that this shell has, as well as its fit with commodity, firmness and delight, helps me understand the concepts of architecture. However, this shell is not only representative of architecture or mathematics, but of life.


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